Maybe you were a little too busy to attend ESPN College GameDay, or maybe you were too busy actually trying to get into the stadium...but we have some of the shots from ESPN's College Gameday that maybe you missed out on.

It's the day before Halloween and we've got a big rivalry on our hands. Michigan State against Michigan.

We haven't seen both teams undefeated and playing against each other since the Beatles were touring, and if you missed that memo, they haven't been touring in a while.


With that being the case, big news media outlets like Fox and ESPN decided to stop on out for the fun as well.

While I was out there, I got to take a quick walk around and see some of the setups from ESPN.

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Did you make it into our shot? Or, did you make it on national television?

What You Missed If You Couldn't Attend ESPN College GameDay In East Lansing

The day before Halloween, and ESPN understood the assignment. They decked their stages out with tons of little Halloween decorations, plus you probably had your moment on national T.V.

Were you curious how they got their aerial shots?

Nathan Vandenburg
Nathan Vandenburg

Rigged from the top of the stadium's press box and going all the way back to this lift, ESPN rigged a wire up with a camera on it to pull off those ariel shots going from their set to the field.

This game will have people sitting on pins and needles to the utter end. With that being said, we also had the opportunity in East Lansing to make it onto National Television.

How many times have you ever seen both Fox and ESPN at the stadium on game day? This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many individuals. From broadcasters to spectators, to even the football players.

Let's not forget you have two radio stations out there for every home game if you're ever interested in making it on local radio...

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