Rivalries are practically as essential to college football as the players.

Look, hopefully we got all of our in-state angst out during the game against the University of Michigan and Michigan State University...well, most of us.

However, I am still consistently seeing posts where Spartan fans are giving me "sore winner" vibes, meaning it's not just they are indulging in their bragging rights but consistently being downright nasty.

On the other hand, I'm seeing Wolverine fans continuing to blame other factors of the game other than the simple fact that the second half was pretty miserable.

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In-State Rivalries are Nothing New

Look, I get it, rivalries have been a part of sports since the beginning. Each state has their two major teams that can't wait to tear each other apart, be that with words, on the field or both.

Michigan and Michigan State are the more prevalent ones. However, as an alum of Grand Valley State University, let's talk about the rivalry imposed on students by the university itself, the one with Saginaw Valley State University. Each year, when GVSU and SVSU face off, an entire week is dedicated to "Battle of the Valleys."

However, the rival that is known to the students, the team, the fans, etc. is the one GVSU has with Ferris State University. That one is an ugly one as well.

My point here is no matter where you go, every state and every school has rivalries within it.

But what about our biggest out-of-state rivals?

Look No Further Than Ohio

We can all agree that Ohio State is the bane of any sports lover in the state of Michigan, right?

I mean, if you're one of the rare Ohio State University fans or alumni someone could come across here in Michigan, we have to assume you either are not from here or have something wrong with you.

So University of Michigan fans, Michigan State University fans, you can sit and marinate with the aftertastes of October 30th's showdown but never forget our collectively weird enemy that we are unfortunate enough to share a border with.

When Do Michigan Teams Take On Ohio State?

Save up all that pent-up rage you may be having, and get ready because both Michigan State University and University of Michigan take on OSU one after another, respectively.

First up, we've got the currently fifth-ranked Spartans taking on the sixth-ranked Buckeyes (per NCAA's "AP Top 25") on Saturday, November 20th.

Then, on Saturday, November 27th, the ninth-ranked Wolverines will be vying for their first victory against the Buckeyes in nine years. NINE YEARS.

So, those weekends, while it may mean switching up the colors you wear on your back, let's all join together and make this a "No Buckeye November."

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