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It's been a long time coming...

Trust us, right about now we need the laughs. Thankfully, Funny Is Funny is here and has got us covered.

And we're not talking some hole in the wall, maybe one night a week comedy show at a bar.

This is a dedicated comedy spot featuring national comedians, open mic nights for up-and-coming folks, and more.

Every Wednesday through Sunday we will be brining the Greater Lansing Area a fresh national touring stand-up comedian. Every Tuesday night we host open mic stand-up comedy night. The first ten contestants who sign up get to give their shot at making the crowd laugh. (funnyisfunnycomedyclub)

Truth be told, Lansing hasn't had a pure comedy spot for a little bit now. You'd have to go back about 7 years for that.

Funny is Funnyis Lansing’s first fully dedicated comedy club to be up and running since the closure of Connxctions in 2014. Though several bars and venues across town continued to host weekly comedy open mic nights and occasional shows from larger headliners, the lack of a true comedy club made it difficult to attract higher caliber national talent. (LansingCityPulse)

What's the rundown? Where are they and who's coming to town?

Upcoming shows are HERE. This weekend you can swing by and catch Ricky Reyes – Oct. 27th to Oct 31st.

They have got shows booked all the way through January of next year. Funny Is Funny is planning to stick around for a while and you should definitely go check them out.

You can find them housed in the building that was previously the Lansing Mall Cinema and their address is listed as 921 Mall Drive W. Their website has everything you need to know.

Peep their Facebook page here and check out this amazing article from Lansing City Pulse on them here.

Bring your appetite as they will give you big belly laughs and keep your belly full with help from the folks at One North Kitchen And Bar.

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