During the day he works in Human Resources but at night it's all about making people laugh.

In a way, it seems like a huge contradiction.  Working in HR where you hold employees to a high standard of professionalism and political correctness.  Then try your hand at stand-up comedy.  This is what David Steves, @cgmcomedy on TikTok, had to say about doing comedy,

I love doing comedy (got to feature at Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle last year) and do shows all over Kalamazoo.

David currently has 13.1 thousand followers and 240.3 thousand total likes.  Not to mention, two videos that have been viewed over a million times each.  Like his stitch following the theme of "what if I broke into your house" that has been viewed at least 1 million times.

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Then there's David's steamy video that has been viewed 1.4 million times in the last 2 days.

I'm getting major Will Ferrell "Mom...MEATLOAF" vibes from this video below.

...and finally, life is too short to not soak in all of your compliments.  Am I right you big bear?

David named @semistupid as one of his favorite TikTok creators.  If you haven't checked out his parody of deleted movie scenes, go do it now.

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