It's been since 2019 that we have been out to see live comedy and as a couple of comedy lovers, me and my boyfriend, Jordan were suffering.

We got by over the course of the past two-ish years by watching our favorite comedians on various comedy specials, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. One of those comedians at the top of our list is Tim Dillon and we were so excited that we finally got the chance to see him live in Grand Rapids on Friday, August 6th.

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Who Is Tim Dillon?

He's a 36-year-old comedian, podcaster, video extraordinaire who's from Island Park, New York.

I'm not going to lie, if you don't have pretty thick skin, you will not like this man. At all.

He's pretty profane, which is part of the reason people like him and others, not so much. If you Google him, he's made the news a few times for his outrageous skits, videos and iconic rants that seem utterly horrible at first watch...until you realize it's all a bit.

One of our favorite bits of his is where he conducts "Fake Business" in which he actually uses his knowledge of real estate from his former career path to basically pretend he's brokering deals...and then not actually doing it.

His Show in Grand Rapids

So, I had planned to put a whole bunch of photos from the show in this section but one of my friends in our group tried and security walked right up and told him he could not do that.

That being said, I can still tell you how the show went!

His opener, Marcello Hernandez, absolutely crushed it and set the tone for the night.

Then it was time for the man we were all there for, Tim Dillon, and boy did he come out guns blazing and the hits just did not stop coming.

Literally his first line was "Michigan! How's it going? I haven't been here since me and my friends tried to kidnap your governor."

From there, it was one wild joke after another and I have never seen a crowd laugh so nonstop throughout a show!

Overall Just a Comedy Genius

Once you get past your initial "*gasp* I can't believe he said that" reaction, what Dillon says is not only hilarious but you realize there is some sick truths behind it...making it even funnier?

He's not just in comedy to be shocking and I think what he does is really smart.

One thing I love about him is he is not afraid to absolutely skewer both sides of any kind of argument, social or political issue and anyone in between.

I feel like he takes the hottest take he can in any given situation and runs with it. He commits to it and is so convincing and by the end you start to think "man, he kind of has a point"

I mean, sometimes, in a social and political climate like what we currently have, it only makes sense to take someone's words at face value but sometimes we are also faced with someone or something that challenges that...take the show "South Park" for example.

To me, Tim Dillon takes on these "extreme takes" to show the opposing side of the how ridiculous their opinions may actually be. It makes us take a look inward or take a step back and look at the world around us and think "oh wait, that is how some people really think...ew."

It's something I, personally admire people like Sacha Baron Cohen for as he's said at previous events:

Now, maybe I'm reading into it too much, maybe Tim Dillon really is just an a-hole, we may never know. I could be wrong...but until then, I will run with this theory and just take some time to laugh "in these unprecedented times."

All in all, a Tim Dillon show will have you laughing your a** off, pointing at your friends in the group saying "dude that's actually you", and even questioning your own beliefs.

Tim Dillon, thank you for coming to Grand Rapids and thank you for an incredible first post-pandy comedy show.

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