Fur Baby Friday is always our favorite day of the week with the Capital Area Humane Society.

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Penny stopped by with our adorable and adoptable pooch of the week. From the photo up top, meet the sweet and energetic Pebbles. Take a listen to our interview below.

Interested in meeting Pebbles in person? You can see if she's still available (and all the other animals at the shelter) BY CLICKING HERE.

Superhero Seeks Sidekick...Uh, we mean SU-PURR-HERO

Take advantage of reduced adoption rates for cats and kittens. Because of this great offer, the buy one get one special they usually have (for cats and kittens) is suspended.

Don't Forget About Walk For The Animals

CAHS via Facebook
CAHS via Facebook

We'll see you Saturday, October 9th at Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge. If you listened to the interview above, you know Penny and the gang are trying to raise at least $80K.

Need A Job Or Want To Volunteer?

CAHS has a few part time positions available for 18+ looking for 25 hours a week. If you want to work and work with animals, there might be a spot for you.

Or maybe you just want to give back. CAHS is looking for volunteers as well. You could join their Education Volunteer team and help out during their summer camps. They've got a couple coming up in August and they could really use your help if you want to give back and hang out with kids and animals.

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