Am I the only person who gets excited to use this unique intersection design? Maybe. Is it weird to love something designed to direct traffic? Sure. Will I change my mind? Probably not!

I grew up in a place that really didn't have "Michigan Lefts" so when I got there it was different from anything I was ever used to and I did get a little anxious. However, when I saw just how much they benefit the flow of traffic and keep things moving, I have learned to whole-heartedly appreciate them.

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If you are reading this wondering "what is she even talking about" MDOT defines them as such: "Where a Michigan Left is in place, left turns at the intersection are not allowed. Instead, to turn left, you must drive straight or turn right, then make a U-turn at a median crossover, guided by sign like the one at right."

Sure, it seems a little convoluted or a bit backwards to have to turn right to go left, however it makes a ton of sense when you really think about it.

How many times have you had to sit through multiple different light changes just trying to turn left at your average intersection? It's absolutely infuriating.

The "Michigan Left" eliminates that hassle as traffic consistently keeps moving. There is a designated lane for those who wish to turn left so they are not holding up the rest of the people who want to keep going straight.

Also, according to MDOT, Michigan Lefts have been proven to help prevent crashes, reducing them by 30 to 60 percent overall where they have been added.

Honestly, I think every intersection should be replaced with "Michigan Lefts" and the world would be a happier place. Join me next time as I sing my praises to the ever-polarizing traffic anomaly that is...roundabouts!

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