Raise your hand if when I say "Hey now, hey now" and you immediately follow it up with "This is what dreams are made of." That is all thanks to the queen who brought Lizzie McGuire to life, Hillary Duff.

I have loved and looked up to Hillary Duff for as long as I can remember. I watched every episode of "Lizzie McGuire", tried to copy her sass and got allll the merch. I even carried the "Metamorphosis" album with me wherever I went, no matter if I had anything to listen to it with or not.

Who could forget absolute bangers like "Come Clean", "So Yesterday" and more?

For those of you who had a similar experience growing up with Miss Duff, we all felt the collective joy when Disney+ not only had the entire "Lizzie McGuire" series available for streaming but was also in the process of a reboot.

Sadly, we all know what happened there but it has been so fun to reminisce and see what the cast and especially Hillary Duff has done since then.

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Hillary Duff went on to be in original Disney Channel movies and gracefully transition to other roles like being a guest star on "Gossip Girl", have two beautiful weddings and become a mother to her beautiful babies. She has grown with such class and grace and is STILL (occasionally) putting out new music like "Sparks" from 2016.

Ever since the show ended and "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" was not only a smash hit but gave us so many quotable moments ("Sing to me Paolo"), Hillary Duff has managed to remain unproblematic and just as kind and beautiful as ever.

Now even in my 20's I still am ride-or-die for Hillary Duff and am always down for a "Lizzie McGuire" moment. So much so that even though my boyfriend and coworkers made fun of me, I bought the new Colourpop "What Dreams Are Made Of" pallete from their "Lizzie McGuire" collection and it truly is "what dreams are made of."

All in all, Lizzie McGuire aka Hillary Duff is a damn QUEEN and I don't think my love and support will ever cease. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to ride around on a moped, keep pretending my Bitmoji is like my own personal "cartoon Lizzie" and wishing I could have a moment as ICONIC as this performance:

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