We're encouraged to not get too personal when writing to all of you, but that's what this job is to me. It's deeply personal, it's a dream and it's something I feel endlessly thankful and fortunate to do.

This year was full of many changes for me and it made me appreciate Lansing in a way that I, admittedly, really hadn't before.

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Career Moves and Exploration

As some of you may know, I used to be on another radio station here in Lansing. Then, one day in March I got the most unexpected phone call that completely changed the path I thought I was on.

Turns out, the decision was made to put the morning show that I actually left to come to Lansing on that station instead. However, another decision was made in the meantime to give me a new position, on a different station with completely different music, different listeners and, as you know, a different cohost.

I was always so worried that I would never be able to fit in on any other type of station besides a rock station. More attitude, a little more freedom with dirty jokes, etc. Moving to a station like 97.5, playing "top 40" music, trying to appeal to a different audience, it was all so new to me...and slightly terrifying.

You Made Me Feel Welcome

I got paired up with Large, who many o you were already familiar with. He took me under his wing with patience and determination. Just in that one week between my last day on air on one station and my first day at 97.5, Large and I knew something special was here.

We met with a talent coach who told us that we can't expect to be welcomed by everyone with open arms, that shaking up something that had become part of someone's daily routine is something people will be vocal about.

The stream of people questioning just what was going on while we were trying to figure it out ourselves slowed down and we started to get a feel for what our listeners wanted from us.

Now, in the just over eight months since that transition, I am so, so grateful.

Let's Get Sappy

It's Thanksgiving and this year I have been reflecting on everything that's happened so far a lot more than in years past.

I am thankful my former morning show gave me such a strong foundation and encouraged me in my move to Lansing. I am thankful to my former station that I started out this year at for being my first shot at being a morning show host. I am thankful to all the powers that be that decided the move to 97.5 would be best for me and for bringing me together with someone like Large, who quickly became one of those "chosen family" kind of people.

I am thankful to my family who support me in finding my dream job, despite hearing from so many others that "radio is dying" and giving them so many reasons to be concerned. I'm thankful to my boyfriend's family for building me up, giving me a place to land, letting me set up a home studio at their house when the world seemed to be falling apart. I'm thankful to my friends and even their families who continually support and lift me up.

I, of course, am thankful to my boyfriend, Jordan. He's always been so supportive of my unpredictable choice in careers. The early morning alarms, always cheering me on and being so secure and trusting in allowing me to broadcast parts of our life to the masses. He was part of the reason I wanted to work in Lansing as it is a heck of a lot closer to Jackson and he has done everything in his power to give us a beautiful home, a beautiful life and the strongest foundation to stand on together.

Lastly, I am endlessly thankful to all of you. There are people out there who don't quite "get it" when it comes to morning radio shows in general, let alone the people who make them part of their routine. However, the people who do get it and who do just that mean more to people like me than you can ever know.

When you call and say you listen with your kiddos in your car or you love a part of the show or even just to call and tell us we made you smile. Thank you for welcoming us into your mornings. Getting to know this station, my cohost, and this community better is something I hold dear to my heart.

I've always been a morning person and now getting to spend every morning, at Large, with all of you is a daily spark of joy.

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