So my story is pretty much nothing like Olivia Rodrigo's and all the tea that surrounds the story behind the song, BUT this song has the perfect amount of nostalgia to take anyone back to those days.

I am the oldest of three girls and when I was in high school, both my parents worked so it was important for me to get my license to help them out when it came to getting my sisters where they needed to go.

That was the deal. They buy me a car and pay the insurance but I had to be kind of the "chauffer." As the oldest sister, I felt so responsible for the other two already so I was excited just to be able to do it.

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I also had a boyfriend at the time I was head-over-heels for so I knew it would be awesome to have my license and a car to be able to see him more without relying on someone else to give me a ride.

Really, it was a pretty standard story when it comes to the actual "getting my license" part.

My best friend (at the time) and I took driver's training together, had the grumpiest instructor and I'm pretty sure he hated just how chatty I was whether I was driving or sitting in the backseat when it was my friend's turn to drive.

By the time I was able to get my license, my best friend and I were growing apart and I felt like I was losing the person I had shared so many experiences and hopes for the future with.

However, I got my license on the first try after my dad and I set up cones in a church parking lot to practice parking and the only thing that really freaked me out was a few sketchy intersections and on ramps!

Of course, that best friend and I are no longer friends, that boyfriend and I have not seen each other in about 7 years and I still listen to "Driver's License" and wish I had a song like it at that time in my life.

I can't even begin to explain how much it means to me that artists like Olivia Rodrigo can open up, share those experiences and feelings with the masses and touch the hearts of so many people like me, for example, who has been driving for eight years and in a committed relationship for six!

There's no denying the song is a massive hit and while we are on the topic of nostalgia, here are some songs that may have been popular when some of you were getting your driver's licenses:

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