Hey there 97.5 family, I'm Maitlynn, the new morning show cohost teaming up with Large!

I know many of you are familiar with Large and after watching him work, grow and succeed over the past year working in the same office I am absolutely honored to be sharing the studio and morning show with him.

You may be wondering how I got here and let me tell you, radio is a bit of a crazy business but it equally as beautiful and rewarding.

My journey to 97.5 really started when I was younger and would actually listen to the station, dreaming of the day I could play my favorite bands like All Time Low on the radio...and it's crazy to me that I can do that now!

I ended up going to GVSU for Multimedia Journalism, originally going for writing, but then re-igniting an interest in radio. From there I got an internship with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show in Grand Rapids and worked my way up to being an employee.

Between college and working, my boyfriend and I (who will be celebrating 6 years in April) were long distance.

Then an opportunity to host the morning show at Classic Rock 94.9 WMMQ brought me to Lansing and was able to move in with my boyfriend in our hometown, Jackson.

Recently, the universe opened up a new opportunity right here at 97.5!

Now that you know how I got here, a few important things about me:

Getting To Know Maitlynn

Here are a few things that just make me, me!

Other things about me include:

  • My middle name is Shelby - my dad picked it out because of Carrol Shelby and the Shelby Cobra.
  • I love collecting vinyl records and playing them on our record player.
  • My favorite shows to watch are usually comedies, my favorite shows include: "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Parks and Recreation", and recently "Workaholics."
  • I also really love stand-up comedy and listen to so many podcasts I have them in a specific daily rotation.
  • Mental health awareness is extremely important to me and I am a huge advocate for people going to therapy.

I hope we can all get to know each other even better as my time here at 97.5 continues!

If you ever have any other questions, I really am an open book and am always down to answer any questions!

Now please enjoy one of my favorite things, a ton of pictures of puppies!

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