So how much patience do you have when it comes to traffic and road construction? I have to be honest since I have moved to Lansing I have not been stuck in Traffic except for driving to Chicago on I-94.

It can be difficult when you need to be somewhere and we are stuck in traffic and there is nothing we can do about it. especially when you have to go to the bathroom.

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Well, traffic for me may become tougher for me since I live downtown and maybe you as well because a big project will be underway on I496 near downtown Lansing.

Here Is What You Need To Know

Here is the deal a two-mile stretch of the highway will be blocked off in both directions for about six months. This will start early summer when we all drive more. According to and from the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The two-year project — fueled by about $82 million in state funding through Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Rebuilding Michigan” program — is set to begin this summer, with all lanes of I496 between Lansing Road and the Grand River, near Larch Street,  being closed altogether through November.


While this is happening traffic will be detoured mostly along Malcolm X and St. Joseph streets. Workers will be doing preventative maintenance work and also repairs on 17 overpasses on I496. So be warned that this will also be periodically affecting traffic for the next two years.

Dates And More Information

So from June to November, I496 will be closed and traffic will be rerouted to side streets. Get ready too for headaches and more traffic along Saginaw Highway and other side streets during that time.

For all the info you need check out Travel safe kids.

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