Those who have been waiting patiently and not so patiently for the warmer weather may have forgotten what also can come with it.

One word. Construction.

Construction Floods The Lansing Area Roadways

No matter where you go in Lansing, you're bound to run into more than a few construction cones out there, whether you're working to avoid them or not.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Most of the red seen above on the map is construction, and it's engulfing highways, and regular roadways alike.

New Construction Project Contributes To Increase In Accidents

It's already a messy project, and we haven't even seen it fully blossom or given it more than a week or two.

The construction project on I-496 south of Lansing has not only taken a way out of the capital city but may be contributing to some accidents going on in the area. 

The project currently aims to repair the freeway outside of the capital, with a whopping $82 million dollar investment. 

With the change, LSJ reports that we've seen an uptick in traffic congestion going eastbound on the Lansing freeway.

From the 18th of April through that last Thursday, law enforcement reported nearly 16 accidents just in that week span.

Some of the issues with the accident could be caused by the move from what they're used to, to alternate routes as well as changes in speeds.

Law enforcement had told the Lansing State Journal, that it should be roughly another week or two before we hopefully see the number of accidents in the area go down.

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