It's safe to say grocery store employees, like many others in the workforce, went through a lot in 2020 and as the COVID-19 pandemic wages on, Michigan's largest aquarium is giving them a chance to get out and have some free fun!

This past year has been absolutely wild, and much like the ocean, waves after waves of unknowns came crashing upon us. That's why going somewhere where the water is still, like an aquarium, seems like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Of course, it is hard to pinpoint or make sure to directly thank every single person who has had to work extra hard during the COVID-19 pandemic; however, SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium has found a way to thank one group that often goes unappreciated!

Grocery store workers, according to MLive, will receive free admission to SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium on weekdays from January 19th through Feb. 26th.

These days will be called "Grocery Store Hero Appreciation Days" and Hayley Anderson, GM of Sea Life Michigan, says the reason for it all is: "These grocery store workers are unsung heroes, tirelessly dedicating countless hours in our country’s time of need, and it’s not lost on us that they do so at the risk of their own health, and sacrificing time with their own families."

Anderson also says, according to MLive, the aquarium hopes this can be a small way they can give people who have worked so hard during the pandemic just "a day enjoying carefree family fun."

To redeem your free one-day admission, it is only available online at this link:

Along with the free admission, grocery store employees are allowed to bring up to four guests with them for 50% off their admission!

So if you are a grocery store employee who enjoys aquariums, this sure is a special treat for you! Enjoy!

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