I know what you're thinking here.

Why would I want to go check out a bunch of water in the cold, freezing, and wet snow?

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My answer to your question, is are we really talking about the same place if that's your answer?

The Tahquamenon Falls During The Winter Months

That brisk winter air shouldn't slow you down one bit. If you've checked out the falls in the summer months, yet not the winter ones, you're missing out on the natural beauty that the state of Michigan has to provide.

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Fletcher
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Fletcher

If you've been to the falls too, you recognize this legendary outlook at the site of the falls.

Why You Should Check Out The Falls In The Winter?

In my own personal opinion, the Northern Michigan area is the best to visit in the winter months, as there are way fewer people.

If you can work through the snow and layer up, you're going to enjoy the sights at ease without bumping elbows with the person next to you, that you've never seen before.

Check out the snow and water mixing together at the falls, to create some of the pure beauty Michigan has to offer.

This Is Why You Should Check Out The Tahquamenon Falls This Winter

Look, you're going to love the Tahquamenon Falls in the summer and fall months, but have you had a chance to check the falls out in the wintertime? Check out what you're missing if you aren't heading out and enjoying the snow and water.

Pictures Not Cutting It For You?

Look, photos can only hold so much of an ASMR feel to them.

Check out the pure beauty of winter in the falls in video form, below:

Peabody Ice Climbing

The Coolest Michigan Water Towers

We have some really cool and unique water tower designs in the state and I wanted to highlight some of the coolest ones that I've found, and would love for you to send me any photos you have of your hometown water towers to add to the list. I'm sure there's way more out there that I haven't come across yet.

A Look at Michigan's February 2022 Snowstorm

Michigan saw a huge snowstorm last week, the first of the season. It was the first this season, but it may not be the last. Lansing saw 13.3 inches of snow in a 24 hour period, which set new records for February snowfall. Other parts of Michigan saw a little bit more or less. Here are some pictures of the snow to show just how much over a foot of snow is.

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