You can't beat waterfront anything and don't even test me on this one.

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Michigan is home to tones of waterfront homes, apartments, and even condos.

Have you had the chance to actually take a look inside a condo that sits lakeside here in Michigan? If you haven't we have the opportunity to do so, take a look here.

Northern Michigan Condo On The Lake

Located in Charlevoix, Michigan, this Michigan condo will probably cost you a good $3,740 a month. It's not going to be a cheap expensive if that is what you were hoping for.

This Michigan Condo Is More Affordable Than Others 

While it's still a few thousand dollars to live inside this condo, you're not going to find better. When you think about it, something that is on the lake in Northern Michigan, it tends to increase the property value.

If you're ready, take a look below and see if this could be the next stop on your next big life journey.

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