Earl Young's Mushroom Houses have long been a marvel in the Charlevoix area. Now, you can own one for yourself. You know...if you have an extra $5 million laying around.

While most of the mushroom houses (yes, there are multiple) are not open for interior tours, visitors to the Charlevoix area are more than welcome to take a walk down the street where most of them are located. In fact, you can see them on Google Maps, too. Learn more below:

Architecturally, and as a Lord of the Rings fan, these houses are a delight to just gander at. So, you can imagine the excitement when it was made public that one of these mushroom houses is now up for sale.

The Thatch House, as this particular mushroom house is known, was constructed in 1920 and is probably one of the most unique homes that have ever been listed on Zillow. In total there are:

  • 7 Bedrooms
  • 7 Bathrooms
  • Partially finished basement
  • Multiple fireplaces
  • Central air

The entirety of the home follows the fantasy or storybook-like theme with stone walls, what looks like hand-carved countertops, and more. The home has been on Zillow for 5 days and already has close to 50,000 views. Take a look for yourself and you'll understand why:

$4.5 Mil to Live in a Mushroom? Charlevoix House Hits the Market

The marvelous mushroom houses have been adored by those in Charlevoix for years. Now, one is available for purchase!

The home, at 304 Park Ave in Charlevoix, is currently listed for $4,500,000 by Nate Granata at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate who can be contacted at 567-277-7641. You can see the full Zillow listing here.

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