Oh, shaving.

While it's a chore, we ladies often refer to it as a "labor of love" because at the end of the day, don't we want our legs to be nice and silky smooth? Not only does it look way better in skirts, dresses, shorts, really anything that shows a little leg. Also, let's be real here, when your man touches or brushes up against your legs, you don't want them to be rough and hairy, right?

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Okay, I think the dudes have read through enough and thought we were giving them what they want here. Let's get really real now, women...SHAVING SUCKS...and WHY must we continue to do it in the WINTER!?

Different Shaving Preferences for Different Folks

If you are a woman or someone who decides to shave whenever they damn well please without anyone else's influence, please disregard that entire first paragraph.

We are not here to shame anyone for their shaving preferences whether they prefer to be as smooth as a baby's butt, go the all-natural route, or anything in-between!

I'm the type of person who will shave depending on what will be showing in my outfit, mostly because I prefer that look and also like to feel the smoothness myself. I do, admittedly, also make sure to time my shaving to whatever my significant other and I may have planned.

However, it doesn't mean I'm happy about it. I would prefer not to but sometimes certain clothes snag on your leg hairs and sometimes it is a little uncomfortable. Also, there's that whole thing of "societal norms" and whatnot. I whole-heartedly stand behind those who choose otherwise.

Why Do Women Shave Their Legs in Winter?

For some, the time of year isn't what dictates when they shave their legs. For Michigan women, let's be honest, it's something we do a whole lot less in the winter, right?

I mean, we're wearing pants most of the time anyways, so it's not like we have to worry about anyone seeing the leg hair, if that's something you're concerned about.

While it may seem like a joke, we think there might be some truth to having that "extra layer of warmth." It works on animals...and what are we, really?

The only reasons I can truly see for shaving your legs in the winter is because it may just be habit for some, maybe it's more comfortable, maybe it's for their significant other and maybe it's just their own dang preference.

For example, I saw a post on Facebook that did make me gag a little (hair off someone's body grosses me out...but that's a whole other thing) of a razor with cartoon eyes, clogged with hair. The caption read "Women's razors everywhere on February 13th."

This further proves, though, we don't actually enjoy shaving our legs and if it's winter, we'd prefer to only do it when the promise of romance is in the air.

The Benefits of Not Shaving Your Legs

As we just referenced taking a razor to your body hair in time for Valentine's Day, raise your hand if you have ever or currently are being victimized by razor burn?

Say it with me again, "SHAVING. SUCKS."

Turns out, there are a few, science-backed benefits to not shaving your legs that I fully think we should embrace as Michigan women just trying to whether winter with some extra warmth.

So, if you are someone looking for some sort of sign or justification that it is winter, you're covered up, you're cold and you're not feeling like shaving your legs, here are three of the main benefits of not shaving according to a dermatologist.

Benefits of Not Shaving #1: Body Hair Has an Evolutionary Purpose

Think about it, why would we have body hair if it wasn't something we needed at some point? Dermatologist, Rachel Nazarian, MD, told Well + Good, "Believe it or not, the hair that's in our armpits, groin, and legs is actually evolutionarily serving its own helpful purpose."

For example, in the Well + Good Article titled, "What Happens If You Don’t Shave for Long Periods of Time? These Are the Benefits of Letting *All* of Your Hair Grow Out", they say body hair prevents your skin from being irritated by rubbing against itself (anyone else struggle with chaffing?). Also, it can prevent pathogens from entering your body...kind of like how eyelashes prevent junk from getting in your eye (even though half the time what's in your eye is an eyelash...)

Benefits of Not Shaving #2: Not Taking Blades to Your Skin

This one's pretty self-explanatory, right? Any time you are using a sharp object that can cut you, there's a certain level of "why am I doing this?"

Not only can the blades give you sharp, painful cuts but Nazarian also shared that they can give you micro-cuts that can lead to infection and that other itchy, painful problem...razor burn.

Ingrown hairs can also be a problem that can be avoided if they didn't have to grow back as often (ie: by not shaving).

Benefits of Not Shaving #3

There ARE other ways to exfoliate.

Besides all the other benefits to shaving we mentioned before, one dermatologists like Nazarian can attest to is that it's a way to exfoliate. However, even Nazarian said it's a bit of a "cheat."

You can still have exfoliated smooth skin on your legs, even with leg hair. Though, the leg hair may not make it as obvious.

Should We Just Stop Shaving in the Winter?

Look, at the end of the day it is ultimately up to you what you want on your body. There are benefits to not shaving your legs, not shaving your armpits and other areas but there are also benefits in doing so.

You want to keep shaving? Go for it! We're not here to stop anybody.

What we are doing, though, is taking a moment and creating a space where we Michigan women can vent about how silly the whole thing seems.

Maybe, too, we are giving you an arsenal of information to be ready with when someone asks "did you forget to shave?"

You can simply say, "Oh, I didn't forget, I'm choosing not to and here's why..."

You also could simply tell them to leave you alone because you don't owe anyone an explanation and then trot off into the sunset with your body hair flowing in the wind.

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