Take a deep breath in... Now take a deep breath out.

Simple, right?

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What if, you want to actually sit back and relax? There is a spot here in Michigan where you can sit back and enjoy some healing and relaxing.

Self Care Is Important, So Why Not Do It With Salt

Sometimes going to Florida seems ideal for some self-care, right? Just getting away from the white of the snow and enjoying the warm heat against your skin.

Believe it or not, though, you don't need to go to Florida to calm down. Salt actually can help reduce your stress. According to a study, salt can actually reduce your response to stress.

Evolve Inner Journey Health Art's Center Offers A Variety Of Stress Relievers

We just aren't talking salt here, because if we're going, to be honest, we have salt in the cabinet at home right?

Evolve Inner Journey Healing Arts Center, offers massages, acupuncture, and much more to release stress levels.

Wait, You Mentioned A Salt Cave, Right?

That headline wasn't just a lie either. The Evolve Inner Journey Healing Arts Center is home to a Himalayan Salt Cave.

It's a literal room that's basically a big salt lamp. Take a look below at the said room.

Why Himalayan Salt?

Stephan Hinni via Unsplash
Stephan Hinni via Unsplash

Salt is good for the body but in moderation of course. Himalayan salt actually can help detoxify the body in a very natural way. It is shown that the body already absorbs more than 80 minerals that are in Himalayan salt, and is a natural way to replenish those lost minerals.

Evolve Inner Journey Health Art's Center

Google Maps
Google Maps

It could be a bit of a drive for your next relaxing spa day, as this self-care journey would be on the border of Michigan, but let's be honest here, a drive for relaxation is totally worth it. Self-care is very important, why not do it in a healthy & natural way?

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