There's a new Drake song called "Laugh Now, Cry Later".

That could very well be our theme song with Thanksgiving dinner this year.

This is the one. This is the holiday where we break out the fat pants (see also turkey pants, stretch pants, maternity pants).

We are committed to eating like there is no tomorrow and that's when we'll start the diet.

Some folks have been preparing all week and been kind of fasting. Others just don't care and say bring on the carbs and calories. It only happens once a year and you gotta have a little of everything. Stuffing, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, whatever that sweet potato thing with the marshmallows on it is and THE DESSERTS.

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Does it help going in knowing what the damage will be? Will it encourage you to take it easy?

Highly doubtful but just in case, here's the breakdown from last year and our friends at USA Today.

If we're just talking appetizers, your first fully loaded plate, and dessert - what are we looking at? Roughly about 3,000 calories and 150 grams of fat. Remember that's just one trip/one plate. You know you're going back for seconds. We haven't even peeked at how much sodium you might be taking on.

And comparatively, what does that 3,000 calories look like visually?

From our friends at USA Today, that breaks down to one of these - take your pick:

6 of these (Big Macs from McDonalds)

Fat Tax Could Improve Healthy Living
Getty Images

10 Caesar salads from Panera

IAAF 'Day in the Life' with Tyson Gay
Getty Images

12 servings of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream

Dreyer's Buys Haagen-Dazs Shops
Getty Images

14 of these (strawberry iced doughnuts with sprinkles from Krispy Kreme)

Krispy Kreme Quarterly Earnings Skyrocket
Getty Images

“A 160 pound person would have to run at a moderate pace for four hours, swim for five hours or walk 30 miles to burn off a 3,000-calorie Thanksgiving Day meal,” said Dr. Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise. (USA Today)

You now know the facts and are free to go back for seconds and plan you leftovers accordingly.

Stay healthy my friends.

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