You've seen that Michigan has been naming some of its snowplows lately, right?

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I mean, how could you not? And if you haven't, scroll down to the end of this post to take a look at some of the names that Michigan helped come up with for snowplows across the state.

Jackson Needs Your Help Naming Their Five Snow & Ice Trucks

Jackson has five trucks that they are looking for your help on naming, and there is a deadline for you to get your votes in.

If you're interested in doing so, you have till Friday, January 21st to submit your top pics for these snow plows.

Where Do You Submit Name Ides To The City Of Jackson?

It's not going to be hard if you're interested in helping name the snowplows, in fact, it should only take you a few minutes if you want to be included in the fun.

Head to the city of Jackon's website, or just click here, and then submit the cute, fun, or odd names that you came up with.

Want Or Need Some Inspiration To Help Name The Snowplows? 

Look, you aren't expected to be put on the spot here. If you need some ideas, check out what other cities across Michigan named their snowplows.

Michigan's 299 Snowplows Get the Cutest Names Ever

The Michigan Department of Transportation has revealed the winning names assigned to each of its snowplows throughout the state.
Here they are, sorted by region.

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