Naming a child has to be either the best part about having a child or one of the hardest parts. But, were you aware that there are some laws in place in some states restricting what you can name your child!

Most States Follow By A Rule Of Thumb

Most states aren't too harsh when it comes to naming your child. For instance, the state of New Jersey is fairly open to names, as long as it isn't obscene, and there are no numbers or symbols.

Some get a little more specific and harsh, like the state of Rhode Island for example. In this state, the use of diacritical marks is not allowed on their birth certificates, yet on other documents, it would be allowed.

What A Few Midwest States Follow When It Comes To Names

Most Midwest states are fair when it comes to naming children. You won't find anything too wild or extremely strict, but a few are more strict than others.

Take a look below and see what Michigan, Illinois, and others all are required here in the Midwestern states.

It's Illegal To Name Your Child This In The Midwest

Coming up with names for your child is either the easiest or toughest decision in your life. But, did you know you are under some restrictions? Let's discuss!

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Using March 2019 data from the Social Security Administration, Stacker compiled a list of the most popular names in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C., according to their 2018 SSA rankings. The top five boy names and top five girl names are listed for each state, as well as the number of babies born in 2018 with that name. Historically common names like Michael only made the top five in three states, while the less common name Harper ranks in the top five for 22 states.

Curious what names are trending in your home state? Keep reading to see if your name made the top five -- or to find inspiration for naming your baby.

Michigan City Nicknames

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