From Friday's Mornings @ Large "You Can't Make This Stuff Up".

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We all have that friend who is just the unluckiest and clumsiest person on the planet.

God bless them but if there's a slip and fall to be had, they will do it.

Uncoordinated and maybe a touch of bad luck when it comes to falling down or injuring themselves in a manner heretofore never seen before. Sometimes you wonder how they hurt themselves? And the stories that follow are hysterical and dumbfounding.

Who falls "up" stairs?

You did WHAT with a power tool?

And the inevitable "how is that even possible"?

Scars, bandages, and casts to prove it.

Sometimes after hearing their stories you truly wonder how they've kept it together all this time.

"How are you still alive"?

And secretly you wonder if their clumsiness will eventually take you down and out with them.

Well wonder no more. And don't make the mistake of naming your kid or hanging around people with these names.

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That's right. We've got enough outlets and science and research to determine the names of people who are super clumsy and truly a danger to themselves.

Uplift Legal Funding has come up with a rather bizarre list, the top names of the "most accident-prone" men and women. Seems the firm compiled its list by combing through in-house personal injury claims. (Today)

Here are the top five lists of the most accident-prone people names:

Men: Kyle, Blake, Brian, Ryan, Daniel

Women: Hailey, Taylor, Linda, Barbara, Kimberley (Today)

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