It's always fun to help "officially" name an inanimate object which is why the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is looking for help in naming over 250 snowplows statewide!

While we move into a set of a few snowy days this week, plows will be out in full force leaving us to wonder what names suit them best!

MLive, citing a news release from MDOT, reports the idea for asking Michiganders to help name the plows was partially inspired by but also because it is just good, clean fun.

"This idea really was driven by people who reached out to us and wanted to know how they could name our plows like those in other places," said MDOT spokesman Nick Schirripa. "There was so much positive energy and excitement generated so quickly for this idea, it was contagious."

Of course, lots of cute names for plows like "Chill Bill" have started rolling in from schools and classrooms across the state but anyone is welcome to join in on the fun by going to

As someone who loves puns and pop culture references, I'm sure looking through these names will be a side-splitting ride that you can go on with MDOT's super interactive site, MI Drive.

Not only does the site allow you to track snowplows but you can see the plows' names as well as a description of what the truck is doing and even a "driver's seat view" of the road via the plow's cameras!

All in all it really is SNOW joke how fun this really is so if you want to get it in on it, MLive says the only rules are that "suggestions must be G-rated and family-friendly, and submissions that include famous, character or brand names cannot be used."

If "naming snowplows"" isn't at the top of your list of fun things to do during a Michigan winter, here are a few more ideas you should add:

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