Selfie museums are becoming a major trend for the social media-savvy, the Instagram influencers and everyone in-between. As more and more pop up around Michigan, we are getting another one here in Lansing that has a beautiful mission in mind.

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Selfie Museums in Michigan

There are currently five existing selfie museums here in Michigan with the first being the Good Day Selfie Museum in Ferndale.

Grand Rapids got their first one, located in Byron Center at Tanger Outlets, and it was met with great success and the Lansing area welcomed their first in the area, Let's Say Cheese, to the Meridian Mall in Okemos back in April.

Now there is another one at the Eastwood Towne Center and it is officially open for business!

Love Your Selfie Factory - Lansing

Now, this place is not "just another" selfie museum. The Love Your Selfie Factory, while it is a space with awesome photo scenes, is a space that owner, Shanise Ollie, told FOX 47 wants to "draw in and inspire women of color, and provide them with a place where they feel beautiful."

Shanise was inspired to build her own selfie museum after a trip to one of the ones in Detroit where she realized it was something she could do for her community as well.

So, according to FOX 47, Shanise and her husband Quandrell Ollie got to work making the space happen and began building every "set" themselves!

You can visit the Love Your Selfie Factory now as FOX 47 says they are open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 8 PM...CLICK HERE to book online!

On a Mission to Inspire, Empower and Overcome

While some may think that a space to take some cool Instagram photos isn't necessarily a community "need"...think again because this place is absolutely more than that.

"I felt like God was like, this isn't about you. This is not about you. This is about other Black and Brown girls and boys, and women, minorities, seeing another successful business in their community," Shanise told FOX 47. "It's important that we do this, it's important that we do this for our, for our community, it's important that we do this for women, Black women."

Quandrell reflected his wife's same passion when he explained why it is important to have these spaces because you never know where or what can change your life.

"You don't think of a place like this where it will lift somebody up or give them empowerment, but this, this could be that place," he said. 

Creating the Love Your Selfie Factory was an empowering moment in itself for Shanise as she said she had struggled with anxiety, self doubt and low self esteem. She tells FOX 47 she "went through a metamorphosis" from dealing with all of that and ending up creating a space that will help others overcome similar challenges.

We absolutely love what the Love Your Selfie Factory team is doing, we love their message and we wish them all the luck in the world!

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