It's April Fools Day, whether you agree with the sentiment of running around pulling pranks or not, some people are all-too happy to share their hijinks with everyone. Social media has proven to be revolutionary for pulling some April Fools jokes as local businesses, parody pages and more pull one over on the Lansing area.

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How Did April Fools' Day Even Start?

"April Fools’ Day—celebrated on April 1 each year—has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures," says History. "Though its exact origins remain a mystery."

Apparently, there are multiple theories historians have of how this silly tradition began, including:

  • When France changed from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian in 1582, it made the new year start on January 1st instead of April 1st as it had been. People who still celebrated in April were called "April Fools."
  • Ancient Rome festivals like Hilaria were celebrated at the end of March by the cult of Cybele followers where they would wear disguises and mock other citizens.
  • Upon the Vernal Equinox, Mother Nature "fooled" people with unpredictable weather (this one actually still rings true)

Find out more of the history of April Fools' Day from

No matter HOW April Fools' Day came to be, we still do our best to cause at least some sort of chaos on the day...and to have one day designated to letting loose and being silly is totally fine by me!

How Lansing is Celebrating April Fools' Day

The days of big, elaborate pranks may be few and far between but when it comes to April Fools' posts, local social media is where it's at.

First up, the Lansing Lugnuts told us they were getting into the NFT game:

Also, apparently they sent out a very interesting press release:

Of course, East Lansing-born Biggby Coffee got into the action with a wholesome, hilarious joke:

The iconic Lansing Facts contemplated a name-change:

And so did their fellow Lansing-based parody account, Like Lansing:

Of course, it wouldn't be a day about joking around without SOMETHING about Mr. Taco, found in Lansing Foodies:

Lansing Foodies via Facebook
Lansing Foodies via Facebook

Speaking of Mr. Taco, we feel like they pulled the ultimate April Fools' Day prank by saying they'd be open and ACTUALLY being open...early enough for third-shifters at that, as shared by Mr. Taco Watcher:

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Lastly, while Meijer isn't ONLY in Lansing, they validated every Michigander's experience with this one:

What's the best April Fools' Day post have you seen?

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