The old Hollister store in the Meridian Mall has been re-vamped (and definitely re-lit) into a unique space to have some fun and get the perfect shot "for the 'gram."

Selfie museums are a fun, easy way to go and have an entire photoshoot with some friends without having to go seek out multiple Instagram-worthy locations and are popping up everywhere!

Recently, a new one opened up in Metro Detroit but we now have one a little closer to home here in Lansing and it's called Let's Say Cheese.

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According to FOX 47, Let's Say Cheese is the brainchild of Natcha Klahan who got the idea because she loves making memories, taking photos to send to family outside of the U.S. and realizing there is not anything like it in Lansing...until now!

Klahan told FOX 47 the process of starting the business, that normally takes years or at least a few months only took three weeks thanks to the help of her husband and "really really good friends" to come up with all the renovations, plans and 30 different displays for people to take photos and interact with.

From rooms that create illusions like an upside-down room and a two-dimensional one that looks like you're in a drawing to rainbow stripes and just black and white, there is something for every person and, more importantly, every aesthetic.

The museum opened its doors on Wednesday, April 7th and while masks are required and COVID safety protocols are to be followed, you can purchase your tickets for the experience at the door for $25 (adults). Tickets for military and seniors are $20 while children six and under get in for free!

I, for one, know I am already planning my outfit because I am a sucker for a good place to get a good pic (just ask my boyfriend who has had to scope out spots with me before).

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