There are few things that bring the same kind of joy that a good game of foosball does...that is, until they went and made it bigger. How about human-sized?

What Is Foosball

Well, if you have ever seen the Adam Sandler movie, "The Waterboy" you know what "Mama" thought of "foosball."

Except, that's not exactly the "foosball" we mean.

Otherwise known as "table football" it is a popular arcade, bar, or friends' basement game that Cambridge Dictionary defines as "a game played on a table using a small ball and model players attached to poles, based on soccer."

Human-Sized Foosball In Eaton Rapids

According to WILX News 10, you can now play foosball on a human-sized scale at Eaton Rapids' Howe Memorial Park.

They have actually built a field for the game and it is open to all long as players can reach the bars as that is essential to the game!

Basically, this is the kind of public, post-COVID fun we've all been waiting for.

How To Play Giant Foosball

WILX says it is as simple as the original game:

Players need to get in position and hold onto the PVC pole with both hands at all time.

The game starts by rolling the ball into play from the mid-court starting area.

You can only use your feet to kick the ball into the goal.

Play continues until penalty occurs, the ball is out of reach or out of bounds, or a goal is scored.

So lace up your shoes and get the gang together for a day at the park packed with fun for everyone!


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