Funny story for you about a friend of mine in a Nashville suburb, One day when we were catching up, I asked him how his wife was doing, and he said she was out in the yard playing with her birthday present.  I said, did you get her a dog? He said no, she loves chickens, so I built her a chicken coup and got her 6 chickens.

I started laughing but he was serious.  Rob said she loved it and was so excited.  6 months later when I asked how the chickens were, he said the city had rules against chickens and the neighbors were complaining about the noise. They had to find the chickens a new home, needless to say, his wife was not a happy camper.

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Well, if he and his wife want to move to Eaton Rapids they may be able to get their chickens back. Folk in Eaton Rapids may soon be allowed to raise chickens inside city limits.

Raising Chickens May Be a Possibility Here says the Eaton Rapids City Council is thinking about allowing unlimited numbers of chickens. The rule would probably be likely that you have at least an acre of land.

Residents would have to "have a certain designated square foot area per bird. It would require that residents keep no more than a certain amount of chickens. It would not allow roosters at all," said Eaton Rapids City Manager Aaron Desentz.


What You Need To Know Raising Chickens

If you live there you should know that a permit and inspection would also be required to make sure everything complies with the city ordinance, and there will probably be a few.

I would not mind if my neighbors had chickens as long as they would give me fresh eggs, lol.  But from what I remember chickens only lay one egg a day, so they would need quite a few to take care of all their neighbors.

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