It's been a big trend here in the state of Michigan to go out and give cute names to our snowplows.

Why not too?

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What a fun way to get the community together and find a great name for the machines that allow us to get to work, school, and destination A & B so safely.

The City Of Jackson Names Their Snow Plows Based Off The City

I got a good kick out of a few of the names of these snowplows. They all take a play on a piece of history from the city of Jackson.

From festivals to street names, even to a park!

It shows the true creativity that the city of Jackson truly has.

Out Of 300 Entry's For These Names, Only Five Were Chosen

Out of three hundred different name submissions, the City of Jackson stepped back and let you have the power to name their snowplows, and you definitely stepped up.

In an online survey, the city also allowed the people to decide on the name for the plow, and thanks to 600 surveyors, the names were narrowed down to the ones that you'll see below.

Have You Seen The Cute Names The City Of Jackson Gave Their Snowplows?

It's something new that Michigan has recently taken up, and it's honestly rather cute. Why not make a play on the machinery that cleans off our roadways when things get a little snowy out? Take a look at the names the City of Jackson came up with for their snowplows.

Check Out The Other Names That Michigan Snowplows Have

Jackson isn't the only city taking part in this fun little name game.

Check out the full list of snow plow names below:

Michigan's 299 Snowplows Get the Cutest Names Ever

The Michigan Department of Transportation has revealed the winning names assigned to each of its snowplows throughout the state.
Here they are, sorted by region.

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