While we hopefully are done seeing our friendly fleets of snow plows out and about for a while, we can at least look forward to knowing their names when the time comes!

They asked and boy, did the people deliver. According to WILX, over 1,500 votes were submitted for potential names of the plows and the ones with the most votes became official by the City of Lansing Public Service Department.

Of course, with anything asking the public to name something, I get a bit nervous wondering what kind of horrible or dirty names but the ones that made it through really show off the wit, puns and overall sense of humor Lansing has.

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There are plenty of names relating to TV or movies such as: "Leslie Snowpe", "Darth Blader", and "Snow-Bi Wan Kenobi."

While other names perfectly blended pop culture and Michigan or Lansing landmarks and public figures like: "Frandolorian", "Quality Plowy", and "Tom Blizzo."

Some of my favorites are the ones that play on the names of various classic rock artists such as: "Creedence Clear-Road Revival", "David Plowie", "Sleetwood Mac" and "REO Plowagon."

Here is the full list of 18 names as Tweeted by The City of Lansing's official Twitter account:

Of course, "Snowy McPlowface" made the cut as Lansing's own take on the meme that has spanned many naming contests like this.

So what is the point of naming these plows other than to just have a bit of fun, you may ask?

Well, according to WILX, before the next snowfall the truck numbers that correspond with the new names will be announced and you will actually be able to track your favorite plow(s) using a map on the city’s website.

I really love all the names but this coming winter, I know I will be keeping my out for "Ope Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya" because that plow is the epitome of what I like to call "Midwestern Politeness."

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