These finds, are the ones that you find at three in the morning, just scrolling through hundreds of comments of people going back and forth with each other.

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If you have a name for yourself too, the community or public tends to view an entity in a good light or a bad light. The Michigan Department of Transportation is no exception.

This Is Why We Love The Michigan Department Of Transportation On Facebook

You can do a few things with your haters.

You can ignore them, let them get to you, or just do what everyone else really should do. You kill them with kindness.

Thousands of people flok to the Michigan Department Of Transportation page each day. Most comments tend to be something along the lines of, "Fix the damn roads," or "Oh great, this is where our tax dollars are going towards."

That's great and all for you to say what you want on social media, but expect a respectful shutdown for our road context.

An Example Of MDOT's Respectful Roasts On Facebook:

Maybe you see the Michigan Department of Transportation a regular basis on your timeline, or maybe you don't. I'm very oddly on the Michigan Department of Transportations Facebook page quite often.

One post that caught my eye was the one we have linked here below:

A comment that was made in particular, Facebook highlighted, see below:

"How much road work experience does the MDOT social media department actually have? Feels like the responses are from a college kid because theyre so academic and lacking tone of someone who has experience in field that they answer questions for."
What was MDOT's Response? Well, you'll be happy to know, that they did respond in the form of a GIF first, as seen below.

Of course, being someone as respectful as MDOT, they decided on the written word as well.
"Why, thank you for thinking I'm still in college. It's been awhile since those days.
In all seriousness though, thankfully I've been getting help from MDOT engineers and other subject-matter experts on any answers for questions I don't readily have available. That institutional knowledge has really been helping out since we've been providing this Facebook page since 2009.
What answers have been upsetting to you or don't have your approval?"


The Fun Doesn't Just Stop There On MDOT's Facebook Page

Look, every few days, when I feel like I need to get a kick out of life, I check out the MDOT Facebook page. Any brand that can respectfully roast you, deserves to be on social media.

One commenter added that some people, treat MDOT like one of their old EX's.

"Y’all I cannot! Some of you dragging MDot like it’s your ex. I am cackling. MDot is responding like a champ… careful and collected. I am here for the comments in these posts. Whoever MDot is behind the screen you’re magical"

If you want some more fun in the comments on the great world of the Michigan Department Of Transportations Facebook page, don't hesitate. It might give you some serotonin, or heat you up.

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