We're lucky to have so many great restaurants and coffee shops in Michigan. Heck, 25 restaurants in Flint have been in business over 50 years. Some nearly 100 years. The best coffee shop in the state was just chosen, too. (It's only a short drive south from Flint.)

Genesee County is obsessed with quick coffee runs

  • When it comes to coffee many of us are habitual with our favorite drive-thru places or gas stations. There's nothing wrong with that because coffee is that kick of energy we need while driving toward Metro Detroit for work or across Genesee County in one-of-20 construction projects.
  • What about when you want, no, need to sit, zone out, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with a great book or live, coffee house music? Genesee County and the greater Flint area have java shops for those fans, too.

Relaxing coffee shops in and around Flint, MI

  • Coffee is almost a religion to some people. While we can't drive down Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc, Flint or Mt. Morris to find our own "Central Perk" shop from the TV show 'Friends..." We can get pretty close to matching that perfectly decorated, curated vibe.

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Tell me we all couldn't use a lot less stress and drama in our lives. For many, a perfect coffee experience can provide that center-of-peace in a crazy world. The nine Genesee County shops highlighted below take great pride in, not only serving a great beverage, but creating a relaxing environment, too.

9 Flint Area Cozy Coffee Shops to Sip & Relax

These Genesee County coffee houses have curated the perfect drink and experience just for you.

Flint Area Restaurants at Least 50 Years Old

These Genesee County Restaurants Have Been in Business Over 50 Years.
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