Michigan winters can be pretty brutal in general but they are especially brutal on our mental health. We all know seasonal depression (seasonal affective disorder) is a very real thing that weighs on the minds of many Michiganders.

Maybe you're one to bottle everything up, try to sweep it under the rug, or maybe you've got unpredictable, obvious mood swings. Either way, you need a way to let off some steam and we think a trip to a rage room could do the trick.

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What is a Rage Room?

In an article from back in 2020 where we talked about rage rooms and why we all needed them, we shared, "Wikipedia defines a "rage room" (AKA "smash room" / "anger room") as "a business where people can vent their rage by destroying objects within a room."

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So yes, it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Each one may be a bit different but the point remains the same, they are providing you a space, weapons and things to break in order to unleash some anger.

What Does a Rage Room Experience Look Like?

You're probably imagining it now, just going to town on smashing some glass (or other items) and the catharsis you would feel.

Well, recently, I finally got to go to one in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area called Break Room Therapy and boy, was it definitely therapeutic.

What to Expect at a Michigan Rage Room

Break Room Therapy, located at 7988 Clyde Park Ave SW in Byron Center, Michigan is a "rage room" facility where you can go let out some pent-up frustration...it also makes for a great day out with friends!

It truly was so great to be able to take all my anger and frustration I've kept bottled up over the past two years and take it out on glass bottles, plates, etc. instead of the people I love.

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Rage Rooms in Lansing, Michigan

If you looked through the photos and were wondering where you can have a similar experience here in the Lansing or Mid-Michigan area, High Caliber Karting and Entertainment over at the Meridian Mall would be the spot for you.

High Caliber Karting and Entertainment offers a variety of ways to let loose and have some fun from ax-throwing, to "throwbowling" to go-kart racing and more...including a rage room!

"So you lost your race, or you didn’t throw your axes as well as you’d like.
Grab a sledgehammer," their website states. "This is called “consolation.”

CLICK HERE for more information and specifics from High Caliber.

Where are some other rage rooms or other places you can let out some aggression in the Mid-Michigan area?

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