Michiganders can take advantage of all our state has to offer any ole time since we live here. Did you know, you can take advantage of the "Water, Winter Wonderland" in a video game, too?

Is there a Michigan island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Yes, there is a Michigan island. A Reddit user took serious time to use the game's water-scaping and cliff building designer tools to create "pure," digital Michigan genius. The Upper Peninsula topography is even spot on.


Here it is now that I've finished redecorating the island... Michigan is ready to visit in a dream. (There are tools by the Plaza for you to get full enjoyment out of your visit)
by u/maybeiam-maybeimnot in AnimalCrossing

What's the Dream Code for the Michigan island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

If you've read this far and have no idea what Animal Crossing: New Horizons is or have questions, ask someone in your family or group of friends. I promise someone you know plays the game. If you want to visit while you "sleep" in the game, the Dream Address is DA-6990-6514-4449. While you visit, you'll notice:

  • Resident Services is near "Lansing" representing the state capitol. (True to the game/capitol, Tom Nook is only useful for so long. Then, trying to charge you crazy amounts of bells for house renovations -- aka "taxes.")
  • The clothing shop is near Detroit -- Perhaps Carhartt headquarters?
  • The museum (hopefully complete with "Brewster's Coffee Shop") is in Flint -representative of the Flint Institute of Arts.
  • The standard "Campsite" is accurately Up North.
  • There's even a bridge to represent the Mighty Mac
  • And, perfectly representative of the Great Lakes State, each lake is fishable in the game. (No idea if they have a smelt season.)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players love the Michigan details.

Fans had lots to say on the Reddit thread. It's obvious how passionate Michiganders are about details.

  • One user asked if "Nook's Cranny" (the "furniture store" on your island) was deliberately placed in Grand Rapids because it's known as "furniture city." Indeed, it was.
  • Another user, after my own heart, was disappointed any bit of Ohio would be displayed, but had a creative solution:
Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit
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Beware, if you're invited to camp on this ACNH Michigan island... the infamous wolf spider looks like a tarantula in the game. Try to have your "flimsy net" ready.

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