This is not only a way to have menstrual products free in the women's restrooms at Michigan State University but also to transgender and non-conforming students using men's restrooms as well.

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The Associated Students of Michigan State University

According to their website, the Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) serves as the Student Government of the university for undergraduates.

"Our mission is to enhance our individual and collective student experience through education, empowerment and advocacy by dedication to the needs and interests of students," they say.

FOX 47 reports, ASMSU recently, unanimously passed Bill 58-14 "which calls for free period products in all on-campus bathrooms."

Specifics On The Bill

According to FOX 47, conversations and work on the issue began on MSU's campus back in 2018 with an initiative called "Mission Menstruation."

Over the past two years, the ASMSU was able to get involved and as the world becomes a more accepting and inclusive place, what better time than now?

"People who identify as nonbinary, trans, anyone can menstruate," ASMSU Representative Cynthia Sridhar told FOX 47. "So, with that in mind, I think it’s important that this bill advocates for these menstrual products to be in all bathrooms on campus."

More specifically, the bill calls for period product dispensers to not only be installed in all the restrooms on campus and keep them supplied and maintained consistently.

Why This Matters

Women everywhere have been fighting to make period products more affordable and accessible to all who menstruate and this is a huge step in that direction.

This is a way for MSU to tell all women and those who choose not to identify, "I've got you." Having menstrual products even in the men's restrooms also normalizes menstruation as a regular bodily function of those around us and not something that should always be so "taboo" to talk about.

Sridhar also pointed out to FOX 47 that the pandemic put a lot of financial and emotional strain on people, having access to hygiene products takes one less worry off their plates.

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