Nobody told us the only time we'd ever actually use calculus in our lives would be to find the right bra...

Seriously, my aunt gave me a Victoria's Secret this weekend and my stomach is in knots already at the thought of going. Not because I don't like it...but because it's just so complicated.

The Struggle Is Real

Let's just get right into it...all boobs are different. Think of boobs as snowflakes, no two are alike...not even on the same body!

That's why trying to find the right prison to keep them in all day while also making sure said prison is comfortable is not easy feat.

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Those with smaller breasts (like me) have to struggle with keeping the band so tight it digs into my back while still having horrible gapping at the top of the cups. Those with larger breasts, let's just all say a collective prayer for you because I don't know how you do it.

Bras are just so annoying because it seems like everywhere you go has a different way of sizing them or worse, different ways of measuring you for them.

Trying to find the right band and cup size while also trying to make sure it gives you lift where you want it without destroying your back and shoulders...I think we all long for the days in the 90's when being able to tell someone wasn't wearing a bra was trendy.

How To Measure For A Bra

Now, each person may have to measure differently or have a "system" that works best for them but here's the most common way Buzzfeed says you can comfortable corral the girls:

  • First and foremost, it works best if you are topless and armed with cloth measuring tape.
  1. Measuring The Band - you're going to wrap the measuring tape around your ribs, just under your bust, leaving about a finger's worth of slack between the tape and your skin. Then, round the number to the nearest whole measurement. Depending on where you get your bras you may have to add four to that and that will be your band size to look for.
  2. Measure Bust Size - Use that same measuring tape and wrap that around the fullest part of your bust. You're going to want the tape to be parallel with your nips.
  3. Figuring Cup Size - Here's where that math comes in...Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement. The difference between the two values will determine your cup size. For example: 1-inch difference means you're an A cup, 2-inch difference is a B cup and so forth.
  4. Bring 'Em Together - Combine your letters and band numbers and there you go! Then whatever you get from 32-A to DD and beyond, that's the basics.

If Only It Was Always That Easy...Right?

It's the case with a lot of different things, if the one simple(ish) system that worked for everyone things would be SO much easier.

However, with bras, you could think you are doing everything right. You could measure yourself correctly, get measured in the fitting rooms at your local bra store, get measured anywhere and you're going to hear different things.

One time one of the sales ladies at Victoria's Secret tried to explain to me how you could sometimes go for a bigger cup size and a smaller band size and get the same result...or was it smaller cup, bigger band, bigger smaller cup band? I don't remember and it was some kind of mental gymnastics I did not have the brainpower or the bra to be able to accomplish.

All in all, do what works for you! Do what is comfortable for you and if you are lucky enough to find a salesperson or someone more knowledgeable on bras, let them help you and be open to their suggestions. Sure, they have to make sales but they genuinely want you to be happy and comfortable.

Plus, companies are now acknowledging that we are all built different and have different needs when it comes to lifting up our girls and, honestly, it's all just trial and error until you find the one bra that works just perfectly and buy 15 of them.

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