Are you or someone you know dreading spending another Valentine's Day trapped in a loveless relationship? Well this attorney based in Troy, Michigan might be able to help!

According to MLive, Akiva Goldman of Goldman & Associates is giving away a divorce FOR FREE to one deserving person/couple.

Of course, divorce is an all-around disappointing and sad situation; however, some people sure could use one...especially after being stuck in the house more with someone they probably don't particularly like anymore after 2020 and for that we are glad to see someone stepping in to help.

Divorce can be expensive, if you don't know already, MLive reports that an "uncontested divorce" in Michigan will run you anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500 and the price only goes up if it IS contested or there is more things to divvy up between the two of you.

So, to cut these costs, MLive shares all you have to do is email with your name, phone number and description of your situation by February 11th. From there, Goldman & Associates will review the entries and pick a winner!

If only it was that easy all the time...right?

The firm also shared more details on their Facebook page:

🚨 Michigan Divorce Giveaway! 🚨

-Let us know why we should choose you to win our giveaway by sending us an email to...

Posted by Michigan Attorneys - Goldman & Associates on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

While, sure, this may seem like it's a bit insensitive on the surface, looking deeper I think it shows that divorce does not always have to be this nasty, drawn-out, hateful thing.

Sometimes people drift apart and come still come out as friends so giving them a "fun" way to do it seems like the best way.

Just imagine winning this and telling your friends and family "yeah, the divorce was super easy...we won a contest online!"

So if you are in the business of getting a divorce, give this a shot. The worst they can say is "this just didn't work for us" and let's be honest, if you're at that point it's not like you haven't heard it before...

Here's a look at the top things couples often argue about:

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Also, if you've found yourself getting divorced since the pandemic and are looking to get back out in the dating game, there are a few terms you should brush up on:

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