I asked you on Monday for my Topic of the Day "What's the worst part of sharing a bathroom with someone," and you gave me lots of problems that I have solutions for. So the problems that most people run into with sharing the bathroom are: space, cleanliness, and time. Along with those problems other listeners called in to tell us their issues with sharing a bathroom and you can listen below.

Now, if you share a bathroom and have run into some of those problems, here are some tips on how to share the bathroom better with your friends, family, or roommates. These tips come from Rent.com.

  • Save space with a shower caddy.
  • Add hooks in the bathroom to save space and also organize towels.
  • Get a good shower curtain and know how to use it properly (some people might not know that you have a curtain on the inside of the shower/tub and outside so water doesn't come out and ruin the rest of the bathroom.
  • If you finish the toilet paper, replace it.
  • Set a schedule for the bathroom.
  • Piggybacking off the previous tip, when you set a schedule, make sure someone doesn't spend too much time in the bathroom.
  • Invest in a good smelling scent for the bathroom.
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