It's that time of year again where time with family is encouraged and enjoyed by many...except, it may not be as much fun for those who are constantly bombarded with uncomfortable questions from family members.

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The Difference Between Catching Up & Being Nosey

Of course, families are supposed to love and care about each other and be interested in each other's lives.

However, there comes a point where instead of casually asking "what have you been up to?" or "what's new?" the questions can take an almost condescending tone.

Yes, your family member who has always been single has shown up to a family holiday gathering without a date or a significant other again. Just be happy they are there and don't question it unless that person brings it up.

The same goes for any major life event or decision that can often come with deeply personal reasons behind them. Even if there really is no "deeper meaning" to these major life decisions, it is up to that person when, how, or IF they decide to share.

Has It Happened to You?

In my experience, I've been with my boyfriend going on seven years now. We are not engaged and we are both okay with that. However, we do get a lot of questions and outside pressures.

I've seen it happen to other family members who have a newborn baby sitting on their lap when a family member asks when they're going to have another.

I've seen some of my best friends struggle to get pregnant only to be reduced to tears when someone asks why they're not having kids yet.

We all probably have even more of our own examples...It makes the holidays extremely unenjoyable for people receiving those interrogations and what purpose does it really serve other than satisfying someone's curiosity?

If you are sick of it and don't want to deal with it all this holiday season, we've got you:

Avoiding Awkward Family Interactions Over the Holidays

We all have those family members that seem to love to either pry, pester or be condescending over every life decision you've made. Here are some tips to shut it down or simply avoid it entirely.

We Love Our Family, But...

Sometimes they can stand to have a little reminder that they do not have to be a part of every little thing you do.

They don't have the ultimate say in how you live your life.

Yes, we love our families, but it's not totally unrealistic to say sometimes they get under your skin and know exactly what buttons to push.

A lot of the times, their questions could be coming from purely innocent intentions. That's why we should make it more normal to just leave certain topics off the table until that person feels comfortable bringing it up.

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