It seems like once a year we get a story about how the streaming companies like Netflix and Disney are going to start enforcing password sharing. Disney will be raising prices to around 14 bucks by April.

You are allowed to stream to X amount of devices. So for about 10 years, I have been mooching my stream off one person or another. It started with "Trailer Park Boys" back when we first started streaming on our Nintendo Wii. We didn't even know the name or password, we just kept turning it on and watching, Until the Wii became unsupported.

Then we got an XBox One for Christmas about 8 years ago and plugged my sister in-laws stuff into that. We used that all the way up until this year when we got an Ultra HD TV for Christmas. This one has the streamer built in and of course, we hit up the sister in-law for her password again. Her. Us. The Grandparents... We all share the same password. I have never paid for it but I KNOW the gravy train is coming to an end. Netflix and Disney both are raising prices and will start cutting down on the moochers like me. They are both great products worthy of paying for... I just hope I don't have to in 2021.

Pretty much EVERYONE I ask is mooching a stream off someone. It could be Hulu or Samsung TV. I even mooch my father in-laws password to get free ESPN. I mean, I used to... :)

Who are you mooching a stream from?

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