Two ESPN college football analysts, teamed up to help save Golden Harvest, one of Lansing's staple breakfast restaurants. We reported on this story earlier this week, which you can read more about here.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit last march, the Gold Harvest has had some financial issues like many restaurants have during the pandemic. Currently, the business is facing foreclosure.

So far, a GoFundMe page that was set up to hopefully save the restaurant, has over $25,000 to save the Golden Harvest as of Thursday afternoon.

The two bigger donations came from Kirk Herbstreit and Todd Blackledge of ESPN. The two are college football analysis for the company.

Blackledge made a tweet about the foreclosure issue on his Twitter account on May 12th, taking notice of the financial situation. Blackledge said that this was one of his Top 5 of all time spots when he used to do Taste of the Town.

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Afterward, Herbstreit noticed Blackledge's tweet, and he himself donated $4,000.

“We need to offer a helping hand to Vanessa and her girls to rebuild the Harvest for not just their futures, to help all of Lansing. She’s helped so many of us through vicious hangovers, breakups, celebrations and so much more. It’s our turn to help,” the organziser for the GoFundMe Page, Jamie Schriner wrote.

Eric Schertzing, the Ingham County Treasurer, said that the owner, Vanessa Vicnair, is currently behind on taxes for the business, some going back to 2017. At this time Vicnair owes the county $14,000.

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