Over the holiday weekend some of us were delighted, some of us were disgusted but most of us were amazed at Joey Chestnut beating his own world record.

This man scarfed down 75 hot dogs, becoming the 13-time champion of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Haven't seen it yet? Having a hard time believing it? See for yourself!

Now I'm not sure about all of you, but eating contests really concern me but I'm always baffled by those who can pull it off.

I have what is called "Barrets Esophagus" which basically means my throat/esophagus gets way smaller than it should be in certain parts.

This means I have to be extremely careful when eating and just take my own sweet time to make sure I completely chew my food...otherwise it will get stuck and I either have to force it down but usually the only way "out" from the clutches of my tiny throat is up.

It's pretty disgusting and yes, I do have to have a procedure done every few years to stretch my throat back out. Yes, yes I know. I've heard all the jokes, it's fine.

However, while more people than you would think have this condition of mine, I know many more do not and would have no qualms of participating in such challenges.

That's why we did some research and found a few places in the Lansing and Jackson area(s) for you to put your competitive eating to the test!

While there are many various contests held throughout the year, these were just a few we wanted to mention you can walk in and get any time...pending their COVID-19 guidelines nowadays.

There are definitely plenty of other contests to be conquered at various festivals and cook-offs throughout the year as well.

Where are some of your favorite places to pig out like the true champion you are?

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