While you make your way out looking for the perfect fall treat, you probably think more along the lines of something pumpkin-y, something with cinnamon or something to do with apples, but have you thought about adding ghost peppers to the mix?

Dunkin' always gets creative with their holiday or seasonal donuts so things like their Spider Donut are usually a smash hit but I think they've got a real hit on their hands with this new Spicy Ghost Pepper donut.

The "ghost" part is festive and as it gets cooler outside, why not warm up your insides too?

When I first heard about this new spicy donut, I got really excited because my dad did not raise me to be a little baby when it comes to spicy foods. Ghost peppers are a regular ingredient in his famous "Holy S**t" chili every year.

What we both love about ghost peppers, specifically, is that they actually have good flavor to them and are not just only meant to bring the most intense heat they can.

That's why this donut, as crazy as it may sound with it's strawberry frosting topped with ghost and cayenne pepper sprinkles is actually pretty ingenious.

I decided to try the spicy treat yesterday while I was out and about and document how it went. Here are the many faces of me, Maitlynn, tasting the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut:

Maitlynn's Ghost Pepper Donut Experience

All in all, I would absolutely recommend this donut to anyone who wants to take their taste buds on a deliciously fun, spicy adventure...I know I will most likely be getting a dozen more...and they're not even paying me to say that!

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