As someone who has been to countless Red Wings games, I feel bad that the rest of the major-league professional sports teams in Detroit really just never resonated on my radar. However, that all changed on Friday, August 13th when I attended my very first Tigers game.

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That is the surprised reaction I got every time I told my coworkers, friends and family the game my boyfriend and I were attending with my work family would be my first game ever.

I have been to see the Lansing Lugnuts before, though my last one of those games was my sophomore year of high school (circa 2011).

Now, I'm really not sure why I never made it to a Tigers game at all. I know I've been invited to a few but the timing just never really played out.

That's why I was so excited when our company told us we would be chartering a bus and all be going together, with an invitation for our significant others or a guest to come along.

Days before the game, I was scrambling trying to find any kind of Tigers gear because, while I know it is not a "requirement" I wanted to make this feel as special of an occasion as it was.

So, I found a shirt (shoutout Plato's Closet in Jackson), the day came, and off we went to Comerica Park!

Pics or it Didn't Happen

Maitlynn's First Detroit Tigers Game

I've lived in Michigan my whole (almost) 25 years on this planet and Friday, August 13th, 2021 was my very first Tigers game EVER. Here's how it went:

We'll Be Back!

Before the game, I'll be honest, I wasn't keeping up on stats, how the team was doing or anything. Shoot, I had been hearing people talk about "Miggy" all day before the game and didn't even realize until we got there, they meant Miguel Cabrera.

I still have a lot to learn but I do know that Tigers games are truly something special, especially for Michiganders, and specifically, the ones who love Detroit sports.

It was so special to be there with the hopes of being able to celebrate Miggy's 500th home run, seeing everyone stand up from their seats and start recording on their phones in the hopes to catch such a momentous moment on video.

While it was disappointing that he didn't quite do it, I realize that I was not meant to be there and that moment would be better served to fans who have been fans for a lot longer than I have.

Miggy may have missed and the Tigers did lose, but the whole experience has now sparked a desire for myself and my man to get out more and have more "firsts" when it comes to Detroit sports team.

Soon enough we will make it to our first Pistons game and our first Lions game and we have the Tigers and Townsquare Media Lansing to thank for getting us more into it all!

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