You might have a favorite, mine is Italian, but Lansing's favorite cuisine is different from the rest of the country's favorite. These cuisine trends are found using Google data (visualized by Google News Lab) and it is based on users who have opted into Google's Location history, to find out where people in every county in America eats. So if you are a Google user and had locations on or "checked in" at a restaurant you may have helped make this list.

Now that I went over how they made the list let's go over what Lansing's favorite cuisine is.......Mexican food! Hey I won't knock it as Lansing has dozens of great Mexican food places, like: Cancun, Los Tres, and  El Azteco.  You can see the data below and zoom into each Lansing area county, and see that our area is split between Mexican, pizza, and burgers.

The overall winner for the country was pizza, but Michigan as well as Wisconsin had a lot of burger lovers. Another funny note, is that did more research to find that Detroit is huge into pizza as there were several areas of the city to overwhelmingly visit local Detroit pizzerias.

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