Teaching kids is both a blessing and a curse. They love to learn. They want to be involved ("LET ME DO IT"). They want to be hands on. And the messier the better.

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I remember when I used to stay with my grandmother while my mother went to work. I spent a lot of time with her. And she was the one that initially taught me to cook. I remember her telling me (in the most loving way possible) if I wanted something to eat, I needed to learn how to make it myself. It started off with sandwiches but I slowly worked my way up to actually cooking hamburgers. I seasoned them and everything. I am glad she taught me that. Especially the seasoning part. It has stayed with me to this day.

And when you take the time to teach your babies, that's what you're doing. Teaching them life skills. You know how many of my guy friends I have that can't even boil water let alone make themselves a meal that isn't prepackaged for a microwave. If it wasn't for fast food, most of them would starve.

In our video, grandma is spending some quality bonding time with 2-year old Cade. Teaching him how to make what I would assume to be chocolate chip cookies.

The hilarity ensues as he tries to eat EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT THAT GOES INTO THE BOWL.

Butter, yup!

Sugar, yup!

Flour, brown sugar...double yup!

Even the eggs. And grandma has cat like reflexes because young Cade is in it to win it.

Cute lil stinker. Watch and enjoy. This is too much fun.

And keep teaching the babies to cook. And film it. And put it on the internet. We need more laughs like this.



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