Not like he stole two things in one day...No, this man watched way too many cartoons and tried to pull a fast one. Now, police need your help finding him.

Where It Happened

Now, this story is especially interesting to me, personally, because I live in this area of Jackson and have friends who frequent this party store.

The Parma Party Store, located at 300 E Michigan Ave, is a smaller store and more out towards the "country" so hopefully someone will know someone who knows the guy!

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See What Had Happened Was...

This is where this story does have to make you chuckle a little bit. Obviously, a business being stolen from is no laughing matter but the way this guy did it...sir, are you a Scooby Doo villain or something!?

According to MLive, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said our sticky-fingered perp here was caught on surveillance footage wearing a black hoodie, sunglasses and blue jeans in which he stuffed a bottle of booze.

CLICK HERE for the store's footage of the first shoplifting.

Then, this guy left, changed his sweatshirt to a grey, University of Michigan little number and returned to the store to steal some more!

As many commenters on the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff Facebook page have pointed out, he was not wearing a mask...THE ONE TIME IT PROBABLY WOULD HAVE COME IN HANDY.

How You Can Help

So, even with footage and photos of our unmasked marauder, he has not yet been identified and Jackson County Sheriff's Office can use your help.

If you know the man captured on camera, CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS, you are encouraged to get in contact with Deputy Cory Caroffino either by phone at 517-768-7967 or by email at

All in all, if you are going to steal from a party store during a pandemic, a time where wearing masks is actually ENCOURAGED and not a sure-fire sign of a thief, you're pretty much just asking to be caught. I'm not even a criminal and there have been times when I'm wearing a hat, sunglasses and a mask and thought "huh, it'd sure be easy to rob someplace like this wouldn't it?"

However, I don't act on it, neither should you and, again, all this man did was change his sweatshirt...even cartoon villains at least wear masks, man!

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