With the holidays upon us, that means that the biggest drinking season of the year is also upon us. Unfortunately, we have some sad news to deliver that could affect your boozy eggnog...

Supply chain issues have taken yet another victim: liquor and Michigan liquor stores.

According to WILX, liquor is yet another one of the many items that are being affected by supply chain shortages. And because of that, Michigan liquor stores and party stores are bearing the brunt of the shortage.

Sorry, We're Out of That

WILX spoke to Daniel Mitchell, the manager at Booze Barn in Lansing, who said that glass shortages and aging requirements are also adding to the issue;

“Once these companies get behind, stuff has to sit in barrels for X amount of time,” Mitchell said. “You can’t speed that up, unfortunately.”

And he's right; we can't make liquor age any faster than it already does. And for liquors, aging is a must.

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So what can we do to make it through this shortage?

First and foremost, be understanding. The person behind the counter at the liquor store isn't personally responsible for your favorite booze being out of stock. This is one of those, "don't shoot the messenger" situations.

Second, be open to substitutions. Maybe your favorite liquor isn't in stock? I'm sure you could ask an employee for a comparable substitution. And who knows, you could discover your new favorite!

Finally, keep in mind that this too shall pass. Supply chain shortages won't always be affecting every aspect of our lives. Eventually, we'll have more normality.

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