If you are lucky enough to have a local party store to be your go-to store where you know everyone who works there and they can acknowledge you by name, you know how special it is. This one is mine.

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The Hometown Party Store

Whether you stop there on your way out to Lake LeAnn or are just passing through on US-12, you have probably passed or even visited the absolute gem on Chicago Road that is B&T Party Store.

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I know my family from Texas automatically pointed out how funny it was we called it a "Party Store" as to them it implied it was more like a Party City or where you just go to get balloons and cups and other party supplies. They, of course are not as well-versed in Michigan slang, and call it a liquor store. However, what they didn't realize is going into that place is like it's own little party in itself.

When you walk in you are either greeted by Tommy or any of the other friendly, local faces. Usually it's a "Hey! What's up? You guys partying at the lake today?"

More Than Just Beer & Liquor

I'm not going to lie, it has been awesome seeing my local watering hole expand its selection over the years. Be that adding more and more craft beers, local hard ciders from Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm just down the road, a walk-in beer cave and all kinds of other boozy novelties, you know you will always find something new to try for your night.

However, there are snacks, there used to be movies, there's lotto tickets, there is beer pong supplies. Honestly, to my cousins from the South's point, it probably is more of a store for party supplies than you'd think!

This past weekend, too, my sister and I even showed our support by buying some B&T tee shirts that totally made our dad jealous.

However, it's the sense of community that really keeps us all coming back.

A Million Thank You's To B&T

Thank you to Tommy and the rest of the gang at B&T for always being one of the main destinations on the way out to Somerset and to see my family.

Thank you for always being there to make nights on Lake LeAnn so unforgettable (or extremely forgettable, to be honest).

You are an absolute mainstay, an icon in the community and especially to our family and friends.

All the laughs and the way you have all shown us what a true love you have for the people who come support and keep coming back.

You are more than "just the local party store," you are the place where parties are born. Pure Michigan style.

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